"This is the kind of music you crank up on the radio and roll your windows down."

"A breezy songwriting style, alternating between lyrical introspection and worldly observation, takes listeners on the road with him across America, admiring the beauty of rivers and forests while appreciating individuality along the way."

- Ed Balint, Canton Rep - Best Music of 2021

 "The bottom line is that, when listening to Lantern Shade, you feel like you are sitting around a campfire with a man and his guitar who is telling you musical stories and talking to your soul." - Keith Smith, Americana Highways [read More]

"Not only is Lantern Shade one of the best records I've heard from an up-and-coming artist recently it also ranks with the best work I've heard from anyone so far this year." - Charlie Ricci, Bloggerhythms [read more]

  "Jonathan Foster's music has magic, melody and even some mirth." – 
Mark Helpsmeet, Song of the Soul

“Foster gets some pretty phenomenal snapshots of how humans interact through his different lenses - In a sense, he has struck a brand-new chord.” - Ron Hartman, The Chronicle 1909 

“There's a flame burning on Lantern Shade, Foster's brand new release that warms hearts even as it noticeably throws plenty of shade over a troubling past year. It's a fabulous album and it pulls you in to 
listen to it more and more.” - Jim Dyar, Musician 

"His is a roots-oriented folk music accented by elements of Americana rock. Acoustic guitars often glisten like whitecaps rising atop an ocean wave, pleasing to the eye (or, in this case, ear) but shielding turbulence just beneath the surface." - Jeff Gemmill, The Old Grey Cat

"Acclaimed musician, songwriter, artist and all around beautiful soul, Jonathan's music is folk, upbeat and all feel good style" - Ursula Guderian, UAG

“True to his roots as a trained observer, the political divisiveness 
that marked 2020—as well as the effects of a deadly pandemic that kept artists and everyone else inside—found its way into a handful of the 10 songs on “Lantern Shade.” - Jon Lewis, After Five Magazine 

"Jonathan's new album reminds me of my Appalachian roots - where music is used to tell stories saturated with life's lessons. Give it a 
listen if you want good stories set to song." – Wayne Gray, Author 

"Lantern Shade - jam packed with goodness and wonder - what else are we here for? Much to chew on and savor, like corn on the cob" – Daniel Leigh, Artist

"Thank you so much for your awesome song, The Women Take Over, which has basically become our anthem for tomorrow's Shastapalooza show!" - Jenny Abbe, Chair - DCCSC

East Valley Times article on the Green Eyed Bird album release June 2017!

They say the early bird gets the worm but with singer songwriter Jonathan Foster, his new release Green Eyed Bird has several catchy ear worms to be had. From perfect road song Fence Posts to youthful Sunrise Letdown as well as a perfect Halloween song The Devil’s Darner it's a great collection of Americana. – Mike Flannigan 

 2017 "Songs & Stories" Podcast "songwriter Jonathan Foster... a definite kindred spirit, has been touring in support of his latest release “Help Me Run”, a collection of Americana stories which features more than a little inspiration from the northwest area he calls home."

2016 Shasta Lake Songwriting Contest Winner article by Buddy Fairbanks in After Five The North State Magazine. Reclamation Town "the song captures the spirit of the area and its history".

"Jonathan is a rare talent and we are very proud to have a local resident do such good things!" – Former City of Shasta Lake Mayor Lori C.

Click here to read and listen to the interview Jonathan has with Todd Moe of North Country Public Radio! "You can take a musician out of the Adirondacks, but somewhere in the music there's still a link back home."

After Five Northstate Magazine 2016 Interview
on Miracle Mile Records & the Whole Earth & Watershed Festival by Jon Lewis

Jim Dyar & JF live on KKRN 88.5 FM's Local Motion with Shane.

Review of the Sabbatical LP via Strutterzine 8.3 out of 10 "Jonathan has got a very interesting voice (JOHNNY CASH similarities sometimes) ...after listening to a couple of songs you feel comfortable with his way of singing and I have to admit that he actually has (his) own style..." - Gabor Kleinbloesem

Review of the Sabbatical LP via Leicester Bangs
 "...singer-songwriter Jonathan Foster mixes up folk, acoustic blues, country-rock and gritty lyricism to excellent effect on his new long-player, “Sabbatical”..." - Phil S.

" (he) always worked his ass off on my nature trail and then helped me drink all my Sierra Nevada. I bet he writes good songs, too." - Dr. K

"River's Name is f%*$ing gorgeous"

"Nice classic country feel to his voice. Kind of reminds me a bit of Randy Travis only without the psychotic episodes."

"Crescent City Blues is the first respectable tune I've heard on the subject. Thank you for that."

"Beautiful Sabbatical! Tasty guitars. Voice lovely and grounded. Lyrics thoughtful. Reminds me of early John Prine..."

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2021 KKRN Interview (click photo) with Craig Boyer, The Eclectic Hour!

2021 KKRN Interview (click photo) with Craig Boyer, The Eclectic Hour!