Jonathan Foster - Help Me Run (Lyrics)

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Jonathan (Foster) 
When I was a teen, I had reoccurring dreams 
Held for ransom in Birmingham, in a building 
Then on other nights, drowning in the Tennessee 
While the Baptists were trying to save me 
But the truth is like that old river’s song 
Can be a bit muddy, and all I could think was… 
Fifteen years later, North Houston Buffalo Bayou 
The unthinkable, to a child I never knew 
Guitar t-shirt with his heart beating 
Just like a nightmare, only this one came true 
The news channels clamored, the radicals raptured 
While the people cried out, all I could think was… 
All’s the same is our name 
The only thing the same is our name 
All’s the same is our name 
The only thing we share 
Is our name 
Waiting for three days, for a possible runaway 
Would seem like two lifetimes to me 
There’s little difference between fame and infamy 
Like an old western robber, poised for history 
Tell them what happened, tell them why 
Tell them to lift us up, tell them before you die 
I’m not a monster, I’m not, she cried 
I’m no monster either, but some people 
Live to lie 

Help Me Run (Foster) 
I am a gentleman of the streets, I make my way everyday as I please 
No more am I normal than a freak, I make my living by the skin of my teeth 
I’m walking down highway 273, over the bridge to miracle mile city 
And the PD think they’re looking for me, all I can do is jump off and be free 
Too much time to think about my time 
As I fall out of the sky 
And I dreamed about how I cried 
As a little boy, when I felt alive 
Let that cold water run, help me run, help me run 
Drugstore booze and nothing to eat, fishing for change until I sleep 
There’s little to do and less I need, there is no reprieve on these streets 
Posters say I ain’t worth a dime, but all the choices I have are just divine 
And I’ve lived nine lifetimes here, that I won’t trade for my blood or my tears 
We’re living in fairytale land, ignoring me the best they can 
I’m one bad day from making it right, one step behind from chasing the light 
It’s a breaking point in this town, off the bridge never to be found 
A backbone that no one sees, it’s the backbone here, highway 273 
River’s Name (Foster) 
I can’t recall the stories, I didn’t write them down 
About the river with the forgotten sound 
If you close your eyes, you can see those days 
And the endless nights, clearer than the water will ever be 
Clearer than the water will ever be 
By the bonfire glow, skinny girls sharing echoes 
Of songs from yesterday, swimming under the moonlight 
If you close your eyes, you can see those nights 
When you looked at me, clearer than the water will ever be 
Clearer than the water will ever be 
Going down the hollow, that old muddy river mama 
I’m heading to the mountains with my friends 
Growing up can seem so far, and when it does 
It’s forever, and you forget that 
You forget that river’s name 
I’m never content, it never seems to fail 
Like the brandy colored water of the Windfall 
If you close your eyes, you can see those days 
With the cloudless skies, clearer than the water will ever be 
Clearer than the water will ever be 
Ride the Train (Foster) 
Come together, leave apart 
Our patience is tested right from the start 
“Sorry boys” but we’re running late! 
Punctuality is my middle name 
Breakfast of champions, going for the kill 
Like channeling a hunter, just for the thrill 
Every car has its character, every car has its star 
We’re all heading the same way, yet it seems so far 
Buy the ticket, take the train… 
Ride the rails north, look for greater things 
Realize that we control more than you think 
Set it up for failure baby, set it up for fame 
You’ll never know until you try, until you 
Ride the train 
Watching the branches on the snowy hills 
Sit back my friend, you better sit still 
I feel a restlessness out on this train 
Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em boys, you can’t afford to wait 
Goodnight Rohan (Foster) 
The sun has replaced the moon 
The clouds have turned blue, and 
What was snow now falls as rain 
All of the flowers in bloom 
The leaves on the trees turn green, and 
Will eventually wave into red and orange 
There will be pumpkins to pick 
Bright bows to untie, and 
Tomorrow we’ll dance at morning’s light 
Goodnight Rohan, goodnight Rohan, 
Goodnight Rohan, it’s time for bed, it’s time for bed 
You’ll go to play and you’ll swim 
Maybe your dogs will come too, and 
When you’re done eating and cleaning, its story time 
Your parents, greats and grands 
As your aunts, uncles and cousins love you, and 
All the friends you haven’t met yet, they’re going to bed too 
Think of the sun and the moon 
All the animals asleep too, and 
Have sweet dreams in your head 
Two Wheels (Foster) 
Teach us to smile ‘til it hurts; sing out loud to the curse 
And love harder than you’ll ever receive 
When the dominoes fall; don’t say farewell at all 
Just leave us with a little more hope 
When I search for the light; hold my hand tight 
We’ll remember your eyes, honest and true 
Tell the stories he told; and smile ‘til we’re old 
Now we toast to the man, to our friend 
He loved the road and the stories it told 
With the two wheels, in his soul 
I thought, he loved life, a little more… 
Never time on two wheels to love more 
So many years with friends; that we once had 
May not be the friends that we know now 
But some will stay for good; from the time we meet 
Until the day, that we say goodbye 
To the ones I hold near; and dear to my heart 
May you always be, the same to me 
We’ll raise our glass once more; to times like these 
May we never see, this circumstance 
Susan (Foster) 
It’s that time of night, the time when I go 
The mornings come quicker than you’ll ever know 
As I wipe my face dry and step on gas 
It’s high time Susan, I start driving fast 
Well it’s high time Susan, it’s that time of year 
Driving alone with love, loss and fear 
I am only one man, try to give you the most 
But it’s high time Susan, I wish you good luck 
It’s 100 degrees, while there’s fog on the coast 
The smell of old bay has me the thinking the most 
There’s one thing I know, one thing that is true 
That it’s high time Susan I send love to you 
Well it’s high time Susan that I’m coming home 
This life I’ve outgrown is nothing I own 
But in a month I’ll get lonely and itch for the road 
And it’s high time Susan I’m leaving once more 
Oh, whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa, oh 
Well here I am Susan, the sound of last call 
I don’t have much money and I’m all out of songs 
There’s one thing that’s certain, one thing I know 
That it’s high time Susan, that I hit the road 
It’s early in the morning, I should get to bed 
This roaming and rambling leaves thoughts in my head 
I don’t know what I did, to make you upset 
But it’s high time Susan that I get to bed 
Oh, whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa, oh 
Black Canyon (Foster) 
I’d still write you a letter if I knew where you are 
It’s 4am in Omaha and I can’t find my car 
This may be the best thing I’ve ever made 
Played an old mixtape that you saved 
The shot’s out of focus, we’re just killing time 
Photographic memory that’s growing in my mind 
I’ll go out back for a second hand smoke 
Trade third rate ideas to save first world folk 
But all I hear are jokes that I won’t remember 
And the rules of seventy will last me forever 
There’s only two things that I need to sustain 
Attached to a cell to make blood rush to my brain 
Take it to the country, take it to the hills 
Take it to the ocean to cure your ills  
Spend the night thinking that I'm not too old 
But wise enough to know not to let it all go 
Bridges already burnt before they are built 
It’s all in your head, you made up the guilt 
Hit the canyons for solitude and meaning 
I’m 5000 miles deep and my mind is spinning 
Down in the canyon and my mind is spinning 
Hold on for dear life, it’s just the beginning 
Live to Create (Foster) 
Three brothers drive an endless field 
Gun shy dogs who just won’t heel 
Blaze orange and old rubber boots 
Just a nip of bourbon to keep on the move 
Many years past since the world’s big fight 
The depression’s gone, but still in sight 
Purple pins, drawings, and a broken heart 
War to art, a rich life from the start 
Memories of the generation great 
Get along fine with no talk for religious sake 
And politics too, they’re for the birds 
Like a pheasant hid in the dense burrs 
I never know what to say 
I’ll never forget those days 
Ponds, parades, the submarine race 
Now I live to create, everyday 
Pipe tobacco smoke standing out 
You knew when I’d been to his house 
No longer can fish, hunt, or even write 
But the scanner’s still on just like a dog’s bite 
The hardest part that I’ll recall 
Said he’s a walking stick of dynamite 
Can't throw it, can’t take it away 
Living with uncertainty each and every day 
Rockabilly Roller (Randall / Foster) 
There’s a red-haired woman, I can’t remember her name 
A Rockabilly lady with a tattooed cross and flame 
Got a pistol in the glove box of her old Chevy dart 
Broken seam in her stocking, Bukowski in her heart 
Got a mama in Poughkeepsie she don’t talk about 
Faux fur coat and guilty pleasures for roustabouts 
Got the ’68 comeback on her Magnavox 
Bettie Page eyes, sings like a Patsy Cline fox 
I’m in love with a rockabilly woman with a roller derby heart 
They say honkey-tonk loving’s great from the start 
She is my mistress in the dark 
Yeah, I’m in love with a rockabilly woman with a roller derby heart 
Pinups lying between the sheets 
Fishnets and SoCo, it’s so meant to be 
Making short work out of me! 
Got a dog named Cash and shiny skull ring 
Pink flask of whiskey and a kiss that stings 
Believes Elvis is still the king, and 
Holds my world in her hands making me believe, oh I believe that… 
American Highway (Foster) 
Driving on the interstate, strangers decide your fate, too distracted to be safe 
Saw a lone buffalo just like twelve years ago and the band didn't show so you’re on your own 
Chevrolet tattoo, what the hell is she gonna do, I’m only 1000 miles from home 
Abandoned rail road tracks, small towns sagging down, 16 years, no flooded fields 
Breathe it all in, we may never do this again, from here to New Year’s Eve 
Mr. Whiskers only wanted a whiskey for cripes sake, I guess tonight we play for free 
Off a well gin bender, I’m the wagon tender, on the American highway 
Rivers, trains and names, all heading down the same American highway 
Drive nice, drive free, smiling back at me, the American highway 
On the American highway 
Brick roads, broken hearts, dead trees long forgot, float down the river of America’s soul 
Driving all night, keep it between the lines, across Kansas, just to make up time 
The loneliest highway, 50 hot nights, still no whiskey, but the radio’s singing my songs 
Tequila blues Chip, $2.50 high ball of the Hip, and Hank’s teary beer 
Margarita Jimmy, bloody mary Willie, and Gillian’s whiskey girl 
Hayes’ wild turkey, Zevon’s Perca-gin, and George’s white lightning 
Oh, I can see the lightning 
Mixing the Medicine (Foster / Gillette) 
Might have been, should have been, could have been gone 
Learning to heal until we all fall down 
Caravanning slowly while the wheels turn round 
Mixing up the medicine, drink it all down 
It’s a long hard road, but it’s paved with gold and it’ll be no match for this old soul 
Burning matches off the mountain, watch ‘em go down 
What might have been, should have been, could have been gone 
Matches off the mountain, wash them all down 
Learning to heal until the leaves turn brown 
It’s a long hard road, but it’s paved with gold and it’ll be no match for this old soul 
What’s in the punch bowl, it’s too hard to see 
Find them and forget ‘em, let them all be 
‘cause life’s a rubber hammer, just with a small fee 
What might have been, should have been, could have been me 
It’s a long hard road, but it’s paved with gold and it’ll be no match for this old soul 
Mixing up the medicine baby, drink it all down 
Might have been, should have been, could have been gone 
Put your eggs in one basket and go call her up 
But the devil’s busy wearing those golden handcuffs 
Mixing up your medicine until you feel ill 
Go and sell your soul for a box full of bills 
It’s a long hard road, but it’s paved with gold and it’ll be no match for this old soul 
Mixing up your medicine baby, drink it all down 
Might have been should have been, could have been gone
The Rope (Foster) 
Caught outside Whiskeytown 
Looking down a hole 
Gallows of old Shasta 
Praying the rope will break 
Skills are not required 
Emancipate your fire 
It all comes down to this 
Praying the rope will break
Land of the free and unforgiven 
Home of the brave and beaten 
Nooses around too many necks 
Praying the rope will break

All songs Copyright 2015 Jonathan Foster